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Okay, holy smokes the face and hair looks professional! Great job! You've also depicted the folds in the dress fabric very well. The bo...

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Clones on a gunship by RC-5968Frank Clones on a gunship :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 8 57
Gamma Squad Part 2, Chapter 1: Setting Out Again
                                                                        -CORUSCANT, ARCA COMPANY BARRACKS-
ARC Captain Renegade walked briskly down the hall of the ARCA Company Barracks towards the briefing room. He had an "important task" to brief a specific commando squad on. Nothing out of the ordinary for him. All he knew was his commanding officer, Seth Aurek-Tay, a young Mandalorian who had grown up with the ARC troopers on Kamino under Jango Fett's and Oswald Davijiin's tutelage, had specifically selected him for the task and he had no idea why. Perhaps he'd taken a shining to Renegade, he'd always gotten along well with Rene
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 98
Gamma Squad, Chapter 7: The Duel's Raging Climax
                                                                             -GEONOSIS COMMAND SPIRE, HANGAR-
The Sith, yet to introduce himself with a proper name, just stared from behind his helmet. Seth could just feel the awkwardness. The Sith had a helmet on, but Seth could just feel his eyes boring into his own T-slit visor, as if his mouth was agape and his face contorted, as if to say, "What the actual Kriff just happened?"
Seth didn't even comment, he himself wasn't even sure what had just happened. "Well, continue fighting?" Seth said.
The Sith simply paused, reassumed fighting stance, an
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 46
Gamma Squad, Chapter 6: The Duel Continues
                                                      -GUNSHIP OVER GEONOSIS, EN ROUTE TO SEPARATIST COMMAND SPIRE-
"Advisor, I'm almost in position. Where's Sigma?" said Seth Aurek-Tay.
"Well sir, they got a little held up for their own reasons, but I can assure you (if they don't kill each other first...) that they'll be right on time sir!" said Advisor a bit nervously.
"What was that one part? It was a little muffled."
"Oh, nothing sir, just some feedback. Good luck! Advisor out."
"Sigh...I feel like I'm in for a real clusterkriff this time..." said Seth to himself.
The gunship hurdled toward the spire with a purpose. It met resistance, but Seth told the pilot to push on at all costs.
"Sir, we're coming in hot! I sugg
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 7 36
Dari Thegas close up by RC-5968Frank Dari Thegas close up :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 7 10 Dari Thegas by RC-5968Frank Dari Thegas :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 6 2 That one guy... by RC-5968Frank That one guy... :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 4 Scorch Appocalypse panel 5 by RC-5968Frank Scorch Appocalypse panel 5 :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 28 Scorch Appocalypse panel 4 by RC-5968Frank Scorch Appocalypse panel 4 :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 10 Scorch Appocalypse panel 3 by RC-5968Frank Scorch Appocalypse panel 3 :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 4 Scorch Appocalypse panel 2 by RC-5968Frank Scorch Appocalypse panel 2 :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 2 Scorch Appocalypse panel 1 by RC-5968Frank Scorch Appocalypse panel 1 :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 2 Slash's ASMR video panel 3 by RC-5968Frank Slash's ASMR video panel 3 :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 2 Slash's ASMR video panel 2 by RC-5968Frank Slash's ASMR video panel 2 :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 2 Slash's ASMR video panel 1 by RC-5968Frank Slash's ASMR video panel 1 :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 8 Kay by RC-5968Frank Kay :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 6


Rising sun by Deltaturtle Rising sun :icondeltaturtle:Deltaturtle 7 13 Generations by SmacksArt Generations :iconsmacksart:SmacksArt 307 38 By the stream by Deltaturtle By the stream :icondeltaturtle:Deltaturtle 6 22 Because Caillou matters by Deltaturtle Because Caillou matters :icondeltaturtle:Deltaturtle 1 6 Pondering by Deltaturtle Pondering :icondeltaturtle:Deltaturtle 5 10 Sabine (anime-style) by Deltaturtle Sabine (anime-style) :icondeltaturtle:Deltaturtle 7 26 Regrets by 7hot-feanorians Regrets :icon7hot-feanorians:7hot-feanorians 141 42 Rogue One, 21 by Ayej Rogue One, 21 :iconayej:Ayej 47 4 Rogue One, 20 by Ayej Rogue One, 20 :iconayej:Ayej 46 3 Republic Commando, 13 by Ayej Republic Commando, 13 :iconayej:Ayej 49 23 Republic Commando, 21 by Ayej Republic Commando, 21 :iconayej:Ayej 43 15 Dooku's First Mistake by lordhadrian Dooku's First Mistake :iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 82 46 Onward Torrent-company! by DarthS4nchez Onward Torrent-company! :icondarths4nchez:DarthS4nchez 50 14 Marching in the Snow by DarthS4nchez Marching in the Snow :icondarths4nchez:DarthS4nchez 46 8 Division 0 officer by SmacksArt Division 0 officer :iconsmacksart:SmacksArt 48 13 Long time no see - comission by El-Niphrendil Long time no see - comission :iconel-niphrendil:El-Niphrendil 17 28



Happy Father's Day everyone. Even if it's not your biological father, I hope you were able to show appreciation for male role models in your lives. :)
Soooooooooo I was looking forward to voicing the protagonist of this story for a weekly podcast my friend was planning, but now we're set back a little. Reason being, some dunkoff thinks that they've monopolized the science fiction genre and claimed she stole their idea because of a few similarities that are literally so generic that you COULD NOT POSSIBLY assume they were a unique thing. Instances like a soldier getting knocked over in battle and another soldier telling them to get up or something like that. I haven't reviewed the excerpts in question yet, but I have heard the word of trustworthy third parties that are aware of this. They all conclude that (without conferring with each other first) that there were one or two generic coincidental similarities which led to the other party getting salty over the similarities and nitpicking for anything they could stretch into an issue. In any case, my friend is one of the most honest and well meaning people I know. Not to mention hard working and creative. The mere notion that she knocked off another person's idea is preposterous. She couldn't have known of this person's work (which by the way isn't a copyright or finalized work, but an idea, which this is for fun so copyright isn't even involved) and she's worked so hard, if she were stealing an idea she wouldn't be working so hard to make this an original idea. NEITHER PARTY IS PAST THE CONCEPT PHASE SO HOW COULD THERE BE PLAGIARISM? The accusatory party forbade us proceed with the podcast. They have no authority over us and they have no legitimate arguments. There arguments consist of similar titled blog post titles (which are commonly used phrases in all sorts of media) and the fact that they both recommend similar Marvel Comics series and posted their thoughts on Rogue One. HOW DO YOU CLAIM THAT AS COPYCATTING? THEY ARE MAJOR FRANCHISES! In an case this is sheer ridiculousness and a setback but we will press on. Our resolve to finish the job has only strengthened and I look forward to voicing the character. Unfortunately this person has connections to a publisher/author that my friend respects and this idiot is threatening to tattle on her to these people to ruin her future career as an author over such a negligible incident. Hopefully this fool will realize her sheer stupidity  and this will all blow over soon. If not, we will press on and when we're a success they cn eat their hearts out. (If you can't tell I'm a bit angry, and so are many of my friends, that this friend of mind is coming under so much fore for something she hasn't done. She is really a great person and the fact that these idiots are jealous and attacking her is really incensing.)
guys im probably late to the party but EA Play gameplay trailers dropped for SWBF2 today and gameplay, it looks amazing! CLONES LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!
Guuuuuuuyyyyyyysssssss!!!!! EA play is this weekend and we already have an in game teaser for droids, PLUS there have been screenshots leaked of clone troopers in Theed Palace and the clone customization menu!!!
you ever just watch a show, enjoy the story, come to love the characters and become accustomed to their voices, and get sentimental about the show? Yeah?

Now, you really love the show now, you're a committed fan, excited for season two, AND FUNIMATION DECIDES TO HIRE A COMPLETELY NEW VOICE CAST AND PRACTICALLY REWRITE THE CHARACTERS VOCAL QUIRKS AND MANNERISMS, THUS AFFECTING THEIR OVERALL PERSONALITY AND CHARACTER QUALITIES!!!!!!!!!! I fell a bit betrayed now...guess that's what I get for watching an anime in dub. Just wanted to hear it in English without a bunch of discount store replacement voices that sound nothing like the voices from the previous season...or the actual Japanese version. So I switched to sub so the voices were consistent, but it's not the same. Why!?!?!?!
Shakugan no Shana is a great story overall I'd say. :)
Someone else tagged me this time (IceArctix)!!! Time for more 13 questions fun! Hope you aren't triggered by these answers to come...

-1. You have to post ALL the rules 

-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 

-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 

-4. Choose 13 people

-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people

-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 

-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED 

-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 

-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks

Questions I was asked:

1. What is your favorite thing about me? 

No offense...but I don't think I even no you m8...

2. Your opinion on me changing Jokullinn to become a mass murduring psychopath? (This is gonna be fun) 

who now?!?!?!

3. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Gee, I get roasted all the many times to choose from...

4. What is your sexuality? 

I believe there is really only two possibilities for any human being...a straight male or a straight female...
and last time I checked...*looks in pants*...YEP! I'm a straight male! (sorry I probably just triggered all of you, but it's just what I believe God says, and I can't go against God on that one. Believe what you will I suppose. :) )

5. What if your favorite thing to do with your spare time? 

Draw, play video food like most teenage Americans...

6. It's snowing! What do you do? :3 


(enjoys seeing snow for the first time while no one is looking...)

7. If I actually became a murduring psychopath, would you kill me or would you be on my side? MUHAHAHA! 


8. Do you have any siblings? How many?

naw, I'm a spoiled only child! :)

9. Do you find me annoying? X3

Eh, I don't know you enough to have an opinion on that...

10. What is your favirite drawing of yours that you are the most proud of? 

ooh, hard to say. Most of my clone drawings (which is practically all of them)

11. What is your opinion on memes? XD 

Mah boi...I AM THE DANK LORD OF THE MEMES!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! (jk I love memes but mine are out of dabbing still a thing? what about the impossibru guy?


Easy, red. Why is that forbidden m8?

13. Are you glad the questions are over? 

YEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL  watch me get

my questions:

1. what character from anywhere would you waifu/husbando? (that is weebaneese for shipping yourself with a character)

2. would you like to see me do more voice overs/voice tests?

3. If so for the last question, would you want me to narrate some of your writing pieces? Or comics, or anything else for that matter?

4. Do you like Star Wars, Overwatch, and memes? Check out mah boi YHedgehogsFly he is like me, but better lol.

5. If you were one of your own OCs, who'd you be?

6. If you could put that OC into any story besides the one you made them for, what would it be? (show, movie, book, etc?)

7. What the kriff is happening in todays society?

8. Favorite superhero? (btw, I'M BATMAAAAANNN!!! I should do that voice test next lol)

9. Clone troopers or Stormtroopers? (if you say will face the wrath of the 501st...)

10. Do you enjoy tacos? (pffft, who doesn't?)

11. What's your favorite accent?

12. Does it seem like I'm running out of question ideas? It feels like it...

13. Are you salty you got tagged?

This time I tag...  keeper-of-vilya  JoeBlue  Dominic-Skirata-X  LinkWannabe42  7hot-feanorians  rayn44  Koikii  SlingBlade87  SmacksArt  RumbyFishy  Phexonia  TheIrishRogue  TheeBear 

Guys if you got tagged, I am so sorry. I didn't want to retag people from my last time doing this and I was running out of people. Don't feel obligated to do this, I know you all are busy. Most of you are way outta my league here, so I literally went down my list of people I watched. Part of this is also an experiment to see if I'd actually get a response. Anyways, have a nice day! :)


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Hey everybody, just your friendly neighborhood clone commando turned mandalorian here to share star wars joy! Hope you like clones as much as I do.



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I think so...DERP! :) lol
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Ok...So they're primarily white with blue markings, maybe a hint of some other color depending on the clone.
I've got drawings of Balac here
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oh goody!
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