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Okay, holy smokes the face and hair looks professional! Great job! You've also depicted the folds in the dress fabric very well. The bo...

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Gamma Squad, Chapter Five: The Duel Begins
                                                                                     -Command Spire, Hangar-
The cloaked figure sat contemplatively in his seat, meditating. He felt something was coming. He knew it. A single squad of Republic forces. They had been sent to eliminate him, but they didn't know who he was. They didn't comprehend what they were up against. He would enjoy this short lived fight. He waited eagerly.
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 43
Gushiri Aurek-Tay Bio
GAR FILE: 23304734763462362022265547
HEIGHT: 5'9''
Gushiri Aurek-Tay is the daughter of the late Valinn and Senya Aurek-Tay, and the younger sister of Seth Aurek-Tay by four years. If you've read Commander Seth Aurek-Tay's bio, you'll know that Gushiri spent three years of her life surviving with Seth as orphans on Mandalore. Seth provided for his kid sister by hunting, as she was three when her parents died. When Jango Fett found them she was seven standard years old. She left for a new life on Kamino, exactly ten years before the Clone Wars
While her brother trained alongside Alpha class ARC troopers with Jango Fett, Gushiri preferred to train with regular troopers. They seem to interest her more as people, and to her they were much
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 3 8
ARC Trooper A-59, Backfire :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 10 Random OC pic :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 6 Gamma Squad, the official unofficial Star Wars OCs :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 7 12
Gamma Squad, Chapter Four: Ventilation Vexation
"Come out, come out, wherever you bloody bug." said Hak, crawling through the narrow vents. He had to find that Geonosian or it would report his squad's presence, and in a place this heavily fortified, he'd prefer to go unnoticed. The vents were pretty small for a commando to be crawling through. Hak grew increasingly irritable as the claustrophobia set in.
Hak looked around in the small vent somewhat frantically and distant, "Damn, this vent sure is small...don't panic Hak...keep it together...sigh, yeah, no I'm losing it...WHERE IN THE BLOODY MANDA IS THAT FAT UGLY FIERFEK!!! GAH!"
As Hak had some fun crawling around like a madman, The rest of Gamma moved towards the hangar to meet their yet unknown target. Their resolve was strong, and their drive stronger. They would kill the chakaar before he knew what hit him, stop a few seppies from evacuating their ships, probably blow something up, and do it all in time to be back for the evening food capsules...delici
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 4 22
Gamma Squad, Chapter Three: We're In
                                                                                        -Geonosis, trenches-
Hak moved along the trenches, keeping his eyes peeled for hostiles. His squad followed suit.
"Alright Gamma Squad, orders just came in from command! You're new primary objective is to assassinate a high priority separatist target. Our intelligence has located a CIS shuttle preparing to leave port. We can't specifically identify your target kill, but we do know he is an important man. His shuttle is decorated with the most lavish and expensive déco
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 14
Gamma Squad, Chapter Two: Tin Can Troubles
Hak got up from where he lay.
He paused.
"Gah! Ow!" he muttered.
He cracked his neck and continued with what he was doing. He looked around, just by looking he knew there were  no survivors besides himself from that blast. His pristine armor had been covered in soot and red sand.
"Maybe war isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sigh...time's wasting! I gotta get going here!"
He trotted off down the trenches to complete his objectives.
                                                                           -Meanwhile with the rest of Gamma-
"Where is Hak anyways? It's been far too long! That bloody dingbat never takes th
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 8
Gamma Squad, Chapter One: Welcome to Geonosis
The gunship entered the hot and dry atmosphere with a shudder. The vehicle creaked and rumbled as Hak and the few clone troopers stood in silence, awaiting insertion.
Hak could barely hear the voice of the pilot calling out to him above all of the chaos outside combined with the sound of the ship's engines.
"Alright sir! We're coming up on the drop point! Prepare fo-" the pilot was cut off as the doors opened and the ambient noise of battle drowned him out completely, but Hak got the idea.
The gunship descended to a low altitude as the commando jumped from the cabin onto the red sands that now stained his boots, previously foreign to all terrain but the watery platforms of Kamino. The other troopers followed suit, but one was picked off mid jump by a Geonosian.
"So, this is war...I like it!" muttered Hak.
He proceeded with his objective to rendezvous with his squad.
"Gamma lead, this is your advisor speaking, please proceed down the trenches to your left. The rest of Gamma will meet yo
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 46
Gamma squad, The Prologue
"Alright sir! This one's yours!"
The clone deck officer yelled over the sounds of roaring gunship engines at a lone clone commando.
"Let's go, let's go! We don't have all day sir!" yelled the deck officer.
RC-2177, or Hak, dashed toward the gunship awaiting him and threw himself into the open cabin.
Several regular clone troopers followed suit.
Hak's radio crackled to life; "All right ner vod! This is Shank! We'll meet you on the ground sir!"
Shank, or RC-4641, was a member of Hak's squad, and was, in fact, the team hacker. Why hadn't he ended up with the name Hak instead? Neither of them knew. All they knew was Slash, or RC-5968, got named by their instructor for his violent tendencies, and they decided to coordinate their names to make him feel better. Slash didn't quite appreciate the pity, but he was secretly fond of the names. Razor, or RC-8599, on the other hand, made sure to live up to the name he was given. There you have it, a whole squad with names based on knife combat.
:iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 16
Wrath of the Gauntlet-501st Legion :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 7 70 501st Dessert Lieutenant :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 7 16 Clone trooper-my new art style :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 9 14 Not the clone you wanna be messin' with shiny! :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 14 Seth Aurek-Tay comic page :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 2 2 Phase 2 Captain Fordo :iconrc-5968frank:RC-5968Frank 5 6


Fatal, But Useful (SFM) :iconherioc107:Herioc107 84 26 Live Or Die, That's The Rule (Gmod) :iconherioc107:Herioc107 168 40 Vader's Fist :iconsmacksart:SmacksArt 50 7 A good day to die :iconrayn44:rayn44 110 17 mandalorian pyrrha nikos :iconbravo9653:bravo9653 46 5 mandalorian pyrrha nikos oz comic-con version :iconbravo9653:bravo9653 19 10 RC-1138 :iconspartan-055:Spartan-055 42 8 Try to have a peaceful date :iconheavenlykunoichi:heavenlykunoichi 7 19 Draw the squad :iconanimelionessmika:AnimeLionessMika 3,509 506 Close-up on blade :icondeltaturtle:Deltaturtle 3 16 Finished gauntlets :icondeltaturtle:Deltaturtle 4 7 interesting :icondeltaturtle:Deltaturtle 3 25 Commish - Last Stand :iconjoehoganart:JoeHoganArt 195 47 MOTION COMMISSION - Hush :iconjoehoganart:JoeHoganArt 185 10 Jango's Finest -- Celebration Orlando Print :iconjoehoganart:JoeHoganArt 229 74 The Dying of the Light Page 33 :iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 25 20



haven't had much time lately, but I've been dying to get back on my RC tale, so here's a little teaser for you guys, mostly to satisfy myself lol. Btw, Deltaturtle and I are working together on this chapter...

Gamma Advisor looked over his monitor screen.

"Shab...shab...STANG!" advisor yelled in disbelief.

The vitals on Gamma Squad were dropping exceptionally low, and there didn't seem to be an explanation. The scanners only picked up one hostile engaging Gamma, and yet the whole squad was utterly being defeated.

What could possibly be going on?

"Advisor, we're gonna need some assistance, our target turned out to be a bit more than we could handle!" said Gamma Lead, or Hak, over the comm.

"What do you mean, lead? What's the situation? You're squad's vitals are exceedingly low!"

"No time to explain, just send he-GAH!"

Hak was cut short.

"Advisor, what was that all about?" said a deep and young accented voice, belonging to a tall man clad in blood red and black Mandalorian armor.

"Sir, it appears a squad of commandos is experiencing difficulty with their objective, but unfortunately that's war."

"What do you mean by that? You'll let men just like you die? Send help immediately!"

"Commander, I'm sorry, but no one is available! We've lost too many troopers as it is, let alone whole commando squads. It's a planetary invasion. Sending men now would mean losing an objective somewhere else on the field, not to mention there isn't anyone close enough to reach them in time! They'll die whether I like it or not. It's part of my job. I have to learn to make sacrifices despite my feelings sir, and you will too. We're soldiers, and so are those commandos, they're doing their duty."

"Maybe so...but I'm not prepared to let them die. Something is strange about their target, and if memory serves, this Gamma Squad has a high priority target. correct?"

"Yes sir, but-"

"Prepare a gunship immediately. What's the nearest squad with a completed primary objective?"

"These men aren't in your command sir, you're not responsible for them."

"My conscience will be. I can't save all clones, but it makes all the difference to those I do. Now, don't make me ask again Advisor."

"Y-yes sir. I'll ready a gunship right away. The nearest squad would be...a new squad, called...Sigma Squad? Oh no, I've heard of them...I'm dispatching them now sir."

"Very good, and what was that about Sigma?"

"Nothing sir. I'll let you figure it out."

"Okay then..." said the Mandalorian in a confused tone.

"Gamma Squad, if you read, I've dispatched reinforcements. Commander Seth Aurek-Tay and Sigma Squad are en route! Hang in there! Advisor out."
Okay everyone! I'm back from the Disney trip I didn't tell anyone about! I had lot's of fun, bought some lego death troopers, ate delicacies, got a Chinese farmer's hat, and scared the bageebers outta the girls in my class (the min reaction I get from girls XD).

I got lost and had to ask a pair of first order stormtroopers for directions, and they called me citizen...hehehe :3

They also roasted some guy in a resistance t-shirt and told him "move along!" I yelled hail the first order and they both saluted as well! yay! I also had to run on stage at some point during a text the answer thing when people started voting that Greedo shot first...I ran up and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?! HAN SHOT FIRST!!!" and ran away. lol

and apparently my new name is "Ching Wong" because I bought that Chinese hat in EPCOT and some kid yelled that at me and my friend decided to call me that. (totally not racist or anything...)

I had a great time! lol :)
All lego and Republic Commando fans should watch this. It's pretty funny.…

                                                                                     -Command Spire, Hangar-

The cloaked figure sat contemplatively in his seat, meditating. He felt something was coming. He knew it. A single squad of Republic forces. They had been sent to eliminate him, but they didn't know who he was. They didn't comprehend what they were up against. He would enjoy this short lived fight. He waited eagerly.

                                                                        -Command Spire, Corridor outside Hanger-

Gamma Squad had made it this far into the Command Spire. It was relatively simple thus far. They had killed some droids, fought their way through trenches, and snuck through the drainage system.. They narrowly escaped detection only to find out they were likely being expected. Now they were outside the hangar, about to eliminate their target. It seemed all too easy.

"SQUAD! BREACH THAT DOOR!" Hak exclaimed with gusto.

Gamma Squad blew the door open and rushed into the hangar.

Empty. It was empty.

Had all the leaders already evacuated? No, there was one shuttle remaining. It fit Advisor's description as well. So where was their target?

Just then a cloaked figure, clad in black armor produced himself from the shadows by rotating his chair to face the Squad.

"Salutations clones. I will enjoy this skirmish. Unfortunately, you will not survive." said a smooth, almost liquid voice. Calm, confident, and commanding.

"Don't be so sure, seppie scum. Prepare yourself to die in the name of the Republic." said Hak.

"Hmm, such arrogance. I look forward to breaking you. Haven't you realized? I. AM. SITH."

A crimson blade ignited, and the figure lurched forward, uncloaking as he traveled through the air. He landed in front of Hak and would have cut him down, had Razor not stepped in with his dual Beskads.

"Don't think so." said Razor in his hushed raspy voice. He dueled, but not to much avail.

A commando's strengths in assassinations were cunning, planning, surprise, and the art of the kill. These were all but lost on the Sith, leaving the squad at an extreme disadvantage. Odds of survival were slim. He was a superior fighter, he was faster, and he was smarter.

"Squad! Eliminate target!" said Hak.

Gamma Squad hopped to and opened fire on the Sith. He deflected the lasers with ease as Razor was pushed to the brink.

Razor fought on with his beskar swords, but they were only lightsaber resistant, not lightsaber proof. They slowly were worn down by the heat of the saber's blade and the speed with which they collided. He was pushed back by the unknown Sith and was now against the wall.

The Sith grabbed Razor with the Force and flung him at Shank. They collided with a loud crack.

"SHAB!" said Slash, diving out of the way of the other two commandos. He got to his feet. "Eat anti-armor!" Slash began firing rounds of explosive ammunitions at his foe. "DIE! DIE DAMN YOU!"

The Sith dodged the explosives and rushed Slash.

"Kriff kriff kriff KRIFF!!!" said Slash, starting to panic.

Shank looked up from where he lay under Razor and fired a taser line from his gauntlet onto the Sith's armor.

"GAAAHHHH!!!" the Sith shrieked in pain. "Insolent fool! YOU WILL DIE!"

The Sith plodded towards Shank and Razor, lifted his saber above his head, and prepared to drive it through both commandos, which would have killed them both, if Hak hadn't ran in and tackled the Sith to the ground.

Hak raised his clenched fist to pound the Sith's mask in, but was stopped by the Force, and was thrown off.

Slash saw his chance and put a single blaster bolt through the Sith's raised hand as he Force pushed Hak, and he took it.

The Sith cried out in pain, and fired lightening at Slash, who fell writhing.

Why hadn't he killed all four commandos yet? It should have been over already.

Razor, Shank, and Slash were now incapacitated. Only Hak remained.

Hak struggled to his feet, well worn.

"Ready to die clone?"

"Not yet. Not today."

Hak lurched towards the Sith and planted a grenade on him.

"Curse you!"

The grenade detonated, throwing Hak against the wall and throwing the Sith the opposite direction.

Nobody moved.

The room was silent and only the sounds of war could be heard raging outside.

played paintball today. I won a few times without getting a single kill. lol. I also lost my butt by getting shot to pieces. lots of fun. Deltaturtle my skills may not be as grand as I boasted them to be.
Someone else tagged me this time (IceArctix)!!! Time for more 13 questions fun! Hope you aren't triggered by these answers to come...

-1. You have to post ALL the rules 

-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 

-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 

-4. Choose 13 people

-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people

-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 

-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED 

-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 

-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks

Questions I was asked:

1. What is your favorite thing about me? 

No offense...but I don't think I even no you m8...

2. Your opinion on me changing Jokullinn to become a mass murduring psychopath? (This is gonna be fun) 

who now?!?!?!

3. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Gee, I get roasted all the many times to choose from...

4. What is your sexuality? 

I believe there is really only two possibilities for any human being...a straight male or a straight female...
and last time I checked...*looks in pants*...YEP! I'm a straight male! (sorry I probably just triggered all of you, but it's just what I believe God says, and I can't go against God on that one. Believe what you will I suppose. :) )

5. What if your favorite thing to do with your spare time? 

Draw, play video food like most teenage Americans...

6. It's snowing! What do you do? :3 


(enjoys seeing snow for the first time while no one is looking...)

7. If I actually became a murduring psychopath, would you kill me or would you be on my side? MUHAHAHA! 


8. Do you have any siblings? How many?

naw, I'm a spoiled only child! :)

9. Do you find me annoying? X3

Eh, I don't know you enough to have an opinion on that...

10. What is your favirite drawing of yours that you are the most proud of? 

ooh, hard to say. Most of my clone drawings (which is practically all of them)

11. What is your opinion on memes? XD 

Mah boi...I AM THE DANK LORD OF THE MEMES!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! (jk I love memes but mine are out of dabbing still a thing? what about the impossibru guy?


Easy, red. Why is that forbidden m8?

13. Are you glad the questions are over? 

YEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL  watch me get

my questions:

1. what character from anywhere would you waifu/husbando? (that is weebaneese for shipping yourself with a character)

2. would you like to see me do more voice overs/voice tests?

3. If so for the last question, would you want me to narrate some of your writing pieces? Or comics, or anything else for that matter?

4. Do you like Star Wars, Overwatch, and memes? Check out mah boi YHedgehogsFly he is like me, but better lol.

5. If you were one of your own OCs, who'd you be?

6. If you could put that OC into any story besides the one you made them for, what would it be? (show, movie, book, etc?)

7. What the kriff is happening in todays society?

8. Favorite superhero? (btw, I'M BATMAAAAANNN!!! I should do that voice test next lol)

9. Clone troopers or Stormtroopers? (if you say will face the wrath of the 501st...)

10. Do you enjoy tacos? (pffft, who doesn't?)

11. What's your favorite accent?

12. Does it seem like I'm running out of question ideas? It feels like it...

13. Are you salty you got tagged?

This time I tag...  keeper-of-vilya  JoeBlue  Dominic-Skirata-X  LinkWannabe42  7hot-feanorians  rayn44  Koikii  SlingBlade87  Smackadoodledoo  RumbyFishy  Phexonia  TheIrishRogue  TheeBear 

Guys if you got tagged, I am so sorry. I didn't want to retag people from my last time doing this and I was running out of people. Don't feel obligated to do this, I know you all are busy. Most of you are way outta my league here, so I literally went down my list of people I watched. Part of this is also an experiment to see if I'd actually get a response. Anyways, have a nice day! :)


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I'm inclined to believe that prior to the events of The Last Jedi, that the Knights of Ren have grown from a measly seven Sith warriors (Kylo inlcuded) to several dozens. I am lead to believe that they recruit Force-sensitive individuals and convert or kill any Jedi they happen to find, and several of their seven initial Lords have publicly emerged in The First Order chain of command. Do you think it's possible? I mean, Snoke may have learned from Palpatine's murderous indifference to his apprentices and ruled out The Rule of Two with making Kylo the master to six apprentices.
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